Many times, if a Servo Drive or an Amplifier stops working, business owners are too quick to think that it can't be repaired, or that the repair would cost too much to be worthwhile. This is not the case!

At North American Servo, we can repair your servo drives, amplifiers, touch screens, Mettler Toledo equipment, and many of the other electronic devices that you use every day, for a much lower cost than simply replacing the item. We have years of experience in repairing the kinds of items that most people think can only be replaced.

We offer free evaluations and the fastest turn around available from trained and experienced technicians. If you want the highest quality on the market for your electronics repairs, then you want North American Servo.

North American Servo specializes in Servo Drive Repair, Mettler Toledo repair, and more.

  • Servo Drive Repair

  • Encoders

  • PLC

  • Amplifiers

  • Touch Screens

  • CRT Screens

  • Teach Pendants

  • Mettler Toledo

  • Electronic Board Repair

  • Monitors

  • Controllers

  • Power Supplies

  • Modules

  • Scanners

  • Displays

  • Scales/Balances

Brands We Service


  • Fanuc Servo Drive Repair

  • Fanuc Amplifier Repair

  • Fanuc Monitor Repair

  • Fanuc Power Supply Repair

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  • Powertec Servo Drive Repair

  • Powertec Flexmax Repair

  • Powertec Genesis Series Drive Repair

  • Powertec Power Supply Repair


  • Siemens Servo Drive Repair

  • Siemens Simatic Repair

  • Siemens Simodrive Repair

  • Siemens Power Supply Repair


  • Baldor Servo Drive Repair

  • Baldor MicroFlex e100 Repair

  • Baldor Flex Drive II Repair

  • Baldor V Drive Series Repair

  Sanyo Denki

  • Sanyo Denki Servo Drive Repair

  • Sanmotion Repair

  • Sanyo Denki Amplifier Repair

  • Sanyo Denki Power Supply Repair


  • Moog Servo Drive Repair

  • Modular Multi-Axis Programmable Motion Control Repair

  • Moog DS2000 Series Servo Drive Repair

  • Moog DS2000EP Series Servo Drive Repair

United States Canada

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  Allen Bradley

  • Allen Bradley Servo Drive Repair

  • Allen Bradley Kinetix Series Repair

  • Allen Bradley Ultra Series Repair

  • Allen Bradley Line Interface Module Repair


  • Mitsubishi Servo Drive Repair

  • Mitsubishi A500-A700 Series VFD Repair

  • Mitsubishi E500-E700 Series VFD Repair

  • Mitsubishi F700 Series Drive Repair

  Balluff Encoder Repair

  • Balluff Encoder Repair - Replace Bearings

  • Balluff Encoder Repair- Repair Circuit Board

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